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What Are the Best Siding Types for Harsh Chicago Winters?

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Chicago winters are infamous for a reason. When you’re a Chicago homeowner, your house will have to endure long months of cold temperatures, wind, and snow. Selecting a siding option that can withstand our cold climate and rough weather is essential to keeping your Chicagoland home in good condition. So what’s the best siding for Chicago winters? For Midwestern homeowners, James Hardie fiber cement siding simply can’t be beat for its first-class engineering and durability. 

Why Does James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Perform Well in the Cold?

Because fiber cement siding is made of a mix of cement, wood fiber, clay, and sand, it is particularly sturdy and long-lasting. In fact, it performs as well as masonry because of its cement composition…and at a significantly lower cost.

James Hardie fiber cement siding is particularly suited to Chicago weather conditions because it was engineered to perform in Midwestern climates. With clients all over the country, James Hardie engineers designed this siding to perform under wet, freezing conditions. One of the greatest threats to long-term siding performance is years-long exposure to water. When your Chicago home is lashed by rain and battered by snow and hail over the years, lower-grade siding performers show signs of aging. James Hardie’s cement elements mean it stands up to Chicago weather, and looks beautiful for years. To guarantee performance, James Hardie divided the United States into HardieZones to ensure their siding would perform under all kinds of weather conditions.

What is the HardieZone System?

It makes sense that different regions of the U.S. require different siding performance attributes to withstand the weather unique to their part of the country. Chicago is in the HZ5 HardieZone. The HZ5 HardieZone products are formulated to endure freezing temperatures and water exposure and maintain dimensional stability. Based on eight individual climactic variables, HardieZone siding effectively resists the blizzards and rainstorms we’re very familiar with in the Chicago area.

To ensure that your James Hardie siding remains beautiful for years, HZ5 HardieZone products have superior paint adhesion, so your chosen paint sticks perfectly and looks great for longer than the competitors. Plus, a drip edge improves your siding’s water management.

James Hardie engineers have tried and tested their siding, and have created a product that can resist winds up to 150 mph. For comparison, Hurricane Sandy’s winds were measured at 110 mph back in 2012. Warping, rotting, and cracking don’t stand a chance.

Finally, HZ5 products have a 30-year limited, transferable warranty that protects your home exterior investment. With complete exterior products available, you can outfit your entire home with lap, shingle, panel, fascia, trim and soffit, all engineered to give your Chicago house the best protection for winter available.

Other Long-Wearing Benefits

Along with superior climate resistance made to look great in the face of winds off the Great Lakes, James Hardie siding offers other features that make it a phenomenal choice for homeowners. James Hardie siding is noncombustible and approved for fire-rated construction, and is one of the best pest-resistant siding options on the market, providing you with peace of mind.

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