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Are you adding a deck or patio to your home or business? We can help you create the perfect design and layout, then implement the plan so you have an outdoor living space you’ll love. We’re proud to be Chicagoland’s Deckorator Certified Pro Contractor! Find out why we’re the most qualified for your Deckorator project here.

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Deck Installation

A deck – a structure that extends from your home on a platform – can create hundreds of square feet of outdoor living space. Decks offer about an 87 percent return on investment (that’s higher than most other home renovations).

A deck may be right for you if your home sits on uneven terrain or you have great views requiring a little elevation. Decks can help keep you comfortable on hot summer days – wood absorbs and retains less heat, and a natural finish can help minimize glare.

Beautiful outdoor deck installation by Bak Brothers with a couch and chairs in Northern Chicago

Bak Brothers, Inc.

Patio Installation

Patios are, in many cases, more affordable than decks are. However, you’ll need even terrain or a foundation for your patio. A good patio can last several decades without much upkeep, and you can enclose it with screens to create an indoor-outdoor living space.

Stone and Wood Patio Installation by Bak Brothers in Northern Chicago

Expert Deck And Patio Installation By Bak Brothers, Inc.

We specialize in patio and deck installation and will work with you to create a design that fits your lifestyle. Call us at 847-325-5615 for a free deck building quote, and remember to ask about our patio door installation services – we’ll answer your questions and start planning immediately.

Bak Brothers, Inc.

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