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How Do Door Replacements Work in Arlington Heights?

How do door replacements work in Arlington Heights, IL? - 1

When it comes time to replace your front door, you might think the process is nothing more than removing the hinges and putting the new door in its place. The reality, however, isn’t quite so simple. So, how do door replacements work in Arlington Heights? We’re here to ensure you’re fully prepared for your exterior door replacement project. 

Below, we’ve outlined the door replacement process from the initial consultation to the final cleanup and everything in between. If you have any questions as you get ready to replace your front door, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our door replacement experts by calling 847-485-1033 or contacting us online

Before the Installation

Before moving forward with your front door replacement, there are a few steps you need to take. 

Check With Your Homeowner’s Association

If you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, make sure you check with the organization before you choose a new front door for your home. Some HOAs have regulations about the door design or color you can install, so it’s best to verify before you fall in love with a door that doesn’t meet the criteria. 

Schedule a Technical Measurement

Once you have a better idea of what kind of door you can choose, you can schedule a technical measurement with our crew. When you do, we’ll come out to your home, take detailed measurements of your door, and answer any questions you have about the replacement process. 

We’ll also confirm the details of the replacement door you’ve chosen, to ensure that when it’s time for the installation, you get exactly what you want. 

Prepare Your Home for the Installation

After we’ve taken the final measurements, we’ll schedule a day and time to complete the installation. Before that date, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your home so the installation goes smoothly. 

For starters, move any indoor or outdoor furniture away from the area near your front door. This will make it easier for our crew to install your new door. You can also remove items from the walls near your front door. Sometimes during installation, your walls can vibrate, so removing wall decor helps to prevent damage. 

Makes Arrangements for Your Pets

Making updates around your home can be stressful for pets. When working on your front door, in particular, we want to ensure that your pets don’t escape. To help keep your pets calm and safe during the installation, we recommend securing your pets away from the front door until the project is complete. 

How do door replacements work in Arlington Heights, IL? - 2During the Installation

After preparing for your project, here’s what you can expect during the installation. 

Crew Arrival and Preparation

On the day of your installation, our crew will arrive on time and talk to you about the specifics of the project. Before they get started, they’ll prepare the area by putting down tarps to help protect your home. 

Removing the Old Door

Next, our door replacement experts will begin the process of taking out your old door by removing interior and exterior trim. Once we remove the trim, we’ll take the screws out of the hinges and remove the actual door. 

Before moving forward, we’ll clean the opening and check the frame for any signs of damage. If we notice anything concerning, we’ll communicate it with you and repair it before moving forward. 

Installing the New Door

Once we’re ready to install the new door, we’ll put it in the frame to ensure it fits correctly. From there, we’ll weather-seal and caulk the bottom of the opening and screw the hinges on the interior of the door frame to the wall. 

Then, we’ll level the door vertically and horizontally to ensure it fits and functions correctly. This will help prevent issues opening and closing it as your house shifts over time. Finally, we’ll install the door handle and lock system, checking to ensure that it locks correctly. 

Once the door is properly installed, we’ll install the trim and use expanding foam to fill in any small gaps around the door for a perfect seal. Once we finish, we’ll show you the door and answer any remaining questions you may have. 

How Do Door Replacements Work in Arlington Heights? Now You Know!

After reading this post, we hope you have a better idea of how to answer the question, “How do door replacements work in Arlington Heights?” When you’re ready to move forward with your front door replacement, you can trust Bak Brothers for the job. To get started, please call 847-485-1033 or contact us online

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