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Emergency Roofing Services in Chicagoland

When disaster strikes, you can count on the Bak Brothers team for emergency roofing services. As your local roofing experts, we have the necessary knowledge to evaluate the state of your roof and come up with a repair or replacement plan that works for your home and your budget. Contact us today for a free estimate to get started.

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Your roof protects your family, pets, and all your possessions from the elements. When it fails, it can feel nothing short of catastrophic. Our team specializes in emergency roofing services, working quickly to repair your home to keep your family safe and prevent more serious issues from developing. 


If you’d like to learn more about our roofing services or you want to speak to one of our expert roofers about your emergency, please call us any time at 847-485-1033 or contact us online

Roofer adding shingles to a home in need of emergency roofing services in Northern Illinois

Bak Brothers, Inc

Emergency Roofing Services

When you experience a roofing emergency, time is of the essence. The most important step you can take is to contact a roofing professional as quickly as possible. The Bak Brothers team is here for you any time of day or night, with our 24/7 emergency roofing services. 

When you contact us, we’ll come out to your home to assess the damage. Since many roofing emergencies occur during storms, we’ll cover any holes in your roof to keep water out, then begin the repairs or replacement project once the weather clears.

The Most Important Steps to Take During a Roofing Emergency

At the first sign of a roofing emergency, there are a few steps you can take to protect your home and yourself:
Stay calm: This is an understandably stressful situation, but try your best to remain calm. You can have faith that the Bak Brothers team has your best interests in mind and we’ll do everything in our power to help you navigate the situation with ease. 
Carefully assess the situation: If your roof is damaged during a storm, don’t go outside until it’s safe to do so. Once the weather clears, check outside for broken limbs or trees that are in danger of breaking and falling. However, do not attempt to go on your roof. A damaged roof is a huge safety risk; let a trained professional evaluate the extent of the damage instead of doing it yourself.
Protect the interior of your home: If your roof is actively leaking, lay down towels, tarps, or buckets beneath the leaks to protect the interior of your home from damage.

Common Causes of Roofing Emergencies

When is your home at the greatest risk of developing a serious roofing issue? Here are the most common causes of roofing emergencies:

  • Fallen trees that cause structural damage
  • Pests like rodents, that chew holes in your roof
  • Water from rain or ice dams that lead to leaks
  • A strong wind that blows shingles off your roof and exposes the layers underneath to the elements
  • Fire, either inside or outside your home, that damages your shingles
  • Improper installation, which can lead to roof failure

How to Know if You Have a Roofing Emergency

Are you wondering if you have a normal roofing issue vs an emergency that needs to be taken care of right away? Here are a few tell-tale signs that you need to call a roofing professional as soon as possible:

  • You see brown water spots on your ceiling, which indicate a serious roof leak
  • You notice water coming into your attic
  • You have a significant leak near a vulnerable area of your home, like a fuse box
  • Your roof suffered a direct impact during a storm
  • You notice water actively dripping from your ceiling
Northbrook IL home in need of emergency roofing services after water leak
Bak Brothers Roof Replacement on a Blue Home inneed of emergency roofing services in Northbrook, IL

Why Choose Bak Brothers?

When you experience a roofing emergency, don’t settle for less than the best. Our team here at Bak Brothers will act quickly to identify the issues and fix them with as little disruption to your life as possible. Whether you need repairs or a full replacement, we’ll make sure your roof is secure so your family stays protected. 

Don’t Hesitate to Schedule Emergency Roofing Services

At the first sign of a major roof issue, take action. Reach out to our team 24/7 by calling us at 847-485-1033 or contacting us online when you have a roof emergency. 

Bak Brothers, Inc

Emergency Roofing FAQs

Do you still have questions about our emergency roofing services? We’ve got you covered!

Who should I call first, a roofer or my insurance company?

We recommend calling a roofing contractor before your insurance company. This allows us to do an in-depth inspection of your roof and prepare the documentation you’ll need for your insurance claim. We’re also happy to work with your insurance company on your behalf to make things easier for you. 


How much will it cost to repair my roof?

It depends on the scope of the damage. After we inspect your roof damage, we’ll be able to give you a more accurate quote and talk to you about our financing options, if needed. 

Bak Brothers, Inc

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