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Siding FAQs

Siding on Exterior Home FAQS
  • How much does it cost to replace a piece of siding? 
      • This varies based on the material of your home’s siding. The cost of materials can range from $5-$20 per foot. If you are hiring an installer or remodeler your labor costs will cost you additionally. There are a variety of other factors that are based on a total cost of siding replacement including: square footage of your home, the shape of your home, the removal of old siding, and more.
  • Can I put new siding over old siding?
      • If you have old vinyl siding or metal siding you will have to remove the siding before installing new siding. While it is not 100% recommended by manufacturers and experts, you can put vinyl siding over top of old wood siding although this is a tedious and difficult job. For longevity and overall health of your home it is recommended to remove old siding to install new siding. It is best to have a professional take a look at your siding for their expert suggestion on the best option for your home.
  • Can you replace siding yourself? 
      • Yes! Siding replacement is doable on your own, but is something worth weighing the pros and cons of before you get started. A siding replacement is a big project, and while an experienced DIY-er can get the job done, it will take much longer to complete. Siding replacement is also not a recommended DIY project for beginners as it requires knowledge, specific tools, and any mistakes could damage your home.
  • How many years does siding last? 
      • This again varies based on the material of siding on your home. 
        • Fiber Cement siding can last for decades. Fiber Cement siding is termite resistant, water resistant, and non-combustible. Manufacturer warranties can last up to 50 years and the only maintenance may be paint touch up every 5-6 years.
        • Wood offers an impressive longevity but requires frequent maintenance. At best wood siding can last decades but only with constant cleaning, inspection, maintenance and more. The biggest downfall of wood siding is rot. Once your wood siding starts to rot you will have to begin replacing trouble areas.
        • Vinyl siding can last you up to 40 years. Vinyl is also very low maintenance as it is only recommended to wash your siding every couple of years. Vinyl siding does not rot like wood, or dent like aluminum. The manufacturer warranties tend to last 20-30 years depending on thickness.
        • Aluminum siding is rigid and can last for decades, however the enamel typically fades and washes away after 12-15 years causing you to have to repaint your siding. An additional concern with aluminum siding is that it can become scratched or dented showing visual imperfections.
  • What is the best maintenance free siding?
      • Fiber cement siding is truly low maintenance. Since it is waterproof, resistant to insect activity, and resists climate and weather issues, fiber cement siding does not require much, if any maintenance. The only type of maintenance that fiber cement may require is touching up of paint as it ages – however this does not occur often if at all for the majority of homeowners.
      • Vinyl siding is a close second in maintenance free. Vinyl does not rot and is also resistant to moisture. The material does not chip, peel or fade but vinyl siding does get dirty and requires frequent cleaning either by hand or power wash.
  • Do you have to replace house wrap when replacing siding?
    • Yes, it is recommended to replace your house wrap/Tyvek due to old nails causing holes and tears in the wrap. Replacing your house wrap eliminates the potential of doubling up the holes and tears when installing new siding and ultimately helps protect your home.

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