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Whether you’re replacing a few windows due to damage, wear-and-tear or age, or you’re replacing all your home’s windows, you need to work with a home window replacement contractor you can trust – one that’s earned a solid reputation in Chicago and its suburbs. You need Bak Brothers.

Home Window Replacement Near Chicago

Home window replacement can enhance the beauty of your home, and it can increase resale value if you’re putting your house on the market. Not all windows are created equal, though; you have several options, and we can help you find the one that’s right for your home. When you’re choosing which type of window is appropriate for your needs, the frame is worth considering as well.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows, which are less costly than wood windows are and come standard in many homes, are extremely easy to care for. They provide moderate insulation because vinyl is a poor conductor of temperature (that means the frame won’t become too cold or too hot during weather extremes). Vinyl window frames are generally hollow with one exception: vinyl-clad windows. Vinyl-clad windows are based on a wood frame and coated with vinyl for added durability and low maintenance.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows help resist moisture and seal out the elements, and they’re known for being low-maintenance. These types of windows “breathe,” which means they can adjust to temperature changes without warping or cracking, and they’re very good at resisting heat.

Aluminum-Clad Windows

Aluminum-clad windows based on a wood frame that’s coated with aluminum. These types of windows are virtually maintenance-free, because the aluminum protects the wood inside, and they’re highly customizable when it comes to color and style. However, the aluminum is sometimes susceptible to scratches and dents.

European-Style Windows (Tilt and Turn Windows)

European-style tilt-and-turn windows are ideal in spaces that need great ventilation. They’re perfect for bathrooms near showers and tubs, or in basements.


Skylights add beauty and charm to your home, and they maximize the amount of natural light in your home. There are several energy-efficient skylight options available, too, which means you get the best of both worlds.

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