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Aluminum replacement windows are a great choice for those who want the best of both worlds – the functionality of aluminum with the aesthetic appeal of wood. If you’re not sure whether or not aluminum replacement windows are right for your needs, we can help you make the decision.

How Aluminum Clad Wood Windows Can Benefit Your Home

These windows have an aluminum exterior and a wood interior, which gives them many benefits. For example, the strength and durability of aluminum make them an excellent choice for homes in areas with severe weather conditions. And the natural wood insulation helps keep your home comfortable all year long.

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What Are Aluminum Replacement Windows?

Aluminum replacement windows are durable and reliable, and many homeowners and business owners choose them because they’re economical. However, these windows aren’t as energy-efficient as other classes; that’s because aluminum conducts heat. They’re also low-maintenance, although the better you take care of them, the longer they’ll last. Typically, aluminum-clad replacement windows are dent- and scratch-resistant. The aluminum is the exterior surface of the frame – it generally protects a wood interior.

Get Aluminum Replacement Windows in Your Home Or Business

Whether you’re replacing one or two windows due to damage or age, or you need aluminum replacement windows in your entire home, we can help. We’re the Chicago area’s most trusted window installation professionals, so call us at 847-325-5615 for a free window replacement estimate.

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